Fact Sheet

a) Year founded: 2017

b) Founders:

  • Jasir Abro, Chief Content Officer
  • Rehan Baig, Chief Design Officer
  • Rishad Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer
  • Shahzaib Zulfiqar, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Shayan Hazir, Chief Operating Officer

c) Where was it founded:

Initiated in Pakistan, company established in Singapore.

d) Where it currently operates:

Head office in Singapore and back office in Pakistan.

e) How many employees: 8 employees

f) Principal investors (if already public)

g) When those products/services were launched

Pilot launched early 2017, in Pakistan, to validate the idea. Global launch in November 2017, from Singapore.

h) What platforms any mobile products are available on

The Jambro app will be available for iOS and Android devices along with which Jambro has a web platform at www.jambro.co.

i) Overarching market statistics

Over the next 6 months – Jambro will focus on maximizing its’ impact in Singapore and Pakistan by bringing musicians together on its platform, and organizing events in partnership with local jam spaces, studios and performance venues. In the following 18-24 months, Jambro will expand its footprint to other ASEAN countries and the MENA region. By 2022, Jambro aims to establish itself as the largest community of musicians from around the world.